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 List of Articles -
  Anointing with Oil - in Bible and Today
  At the Cross: Jesus's Seven Sayings
  Blessings - Helping To Retain Them
  But I Can't Pray Aloud! Pastoral Insights
  Children and the Healing Ministry
  Christian A-Z of Christmas
  Christians and Satan: An Introduction
  Christmas Bible Study
  Christmas Resources
  Christmas - Getting It Right?
  Conscience - An Introduction
  Couples Praying Together
  Da Vinci Code: Handy Notes
  Da Vinci Code: The Last Supper
  Da Vinci Code: Mary Magdalene
  Da Vinci Code: Resources Article
  Darwin, Evolution and Scripture
  Doing The Chalice
  Easter Message - Which One
  Easter Resources
  The Essence of the Church
  Evangelism - the Spiritual Key
  Evil's Strategy in Church Life
  Faith & Healing - the Biblical Teaching
  Fasting - 21st Century Style
  Fear - Understanding and Mastering It
  Freemasonry and the Church
  From Gloom to Glory
  Growing Daily in the Holy Spirit
  Healing Prayers based on Scripture
  Homosexuality and the Church
  Just Dropped In ?
  Laying on of Hands: in Healing
  Leading Intercessions in Worship
  Marriage? - Whose Choice Is It Anyway?
  Mary of Scripture - Biblical Compilation
  Medicine & Gospel: the Right Relationship
  Our Triviality - A Weapon For Evil
  Politically Correct - Our Friend or Foe?
  Praise Points
  Praying and the Life of Prayer
  Reading Scripture in Worship
  'Resting in the Spirit': Question & Answer
  Sent Out - or Just Leaving?
  Spirit of Christmas
  Spiritual Warfare & the Ordinary Christian
  Suffering & Gospel: Based on Matthew
  Superstition and The Gospel
  Tears - Gift of the Holy Spirit?
The King & I: Testimony of Stammering
  The Shack and Christian Experience
  Time - Redeeming It the Christian Way
  Tongues - All You Need to Know & More
  WAR - Some Prayers and Thoughts
  What About God? Reasons to Believe
  Why Am I Not Healed?
  The 'Wilderness Experience' Explained

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