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A leaflet for the casual visitor.

The leaflet is available by Clicking HERE.

This should open a PDF file in a new window. This PDF file can then be printed out.

The leaflet is designed to be printed in 'landscape' orientation and double-sided, on a standard sheet of A4 paper.
If your printer won't print double-sided, you can print the first page, re-feed the paper into your printer upside down and then print the second page.

Once printed the leaflet should be folded in thirds - first fold section 5 onto section 3, and then section 1 onto section 7.

The 'Just Dropped In?' leaflet was designed to be easily available for anyone who 'just dropped in' to my local Church.

It is geared to those outside or on the fringe of Church life, whose visit might have been prompted by, perhaps, some unspoken need, and who might be most helped by such a leaflet readily available in the seats/pews. (It could defeat its object were it to be tucked away.)

The ten themes were carefully chosen to relate easily to the uncommitted visitor, and to express some helpful thoughts briefly, and free of Christian jargon.
[Christians, who already have some knowledge or commitment to Christian things, will be able to use Scripture, songs, hymns, services, etc., familiar to them to express their thoughts.]

Names and Contact Information
The name of your Church or Fellowship could be added at the top of the first page.
A contact name and telephone number might also be useful.
These could be added to the printed pamphlet before copying it.
Alternatively names and contact details, plus additional information such as times of services and so forth, could be placed on a separate slip of paper and included with the leaflet.

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