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Welcome to INFOCUS - a selection of shorter items on a wide range of subjects.
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 A Royal Visit
 A Simple Idea For Lent
 Aggression, Morality and War
 Appointing Christian Leaders
 Creation-ism, etc
 Crosses, Crowns and Sovereignty
 Defender of Faiths
 Discernment and Discrimination
 Hallowing God's Name
 Harry Potter, Tolkien and Life's Meaning
 Homosexuality and Leadership
 How Far Should Forgiveness Go
 Muslims and Christians
 New Year and Good News
 Praise - Focusing on the Positive
 Putting the Essence of the Church into Focus
 Spiritual Protection - A Forgotten Weapon
 Symbols of the Spirit - Oil
 The Ascension - Ours Today
 The Church Building - its purpose in focus
 The Multiplying Miracle in Mission
 The Spirit of Renewal and the Things of Renewal
 The Will of God and Our Choices
 Uses of Christian - sorting out the muddle
 Who Is It In The Cradle

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