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All the material on this website was written by Rev. John Richards who was widely accepted across the denominations (and internationally) for the balance of his teaching. His many publications - more than fifty - include three standard works, one on the Church's healing ministry. His writings invariably bring together Christian riches with a sensitive understanding.

John was the Associate Director of the Fountain Trust before becoming Director of Renewal Servicing. He had previously served in a variety of parishes as well as being a school Chaplain, and an Army Chaplain.

John sadly died in June 2011. He was much loved and will be greatly missed. Fortunately his son Paul will continue to maintain this website, so John's sound, ecumenical teaching and guidance will continue to be available here for free for the foreseeable future.
Details of John's books, which are still available by mail order, are on the Renewal Servicing page.

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